Deck Skirting

November 10, 2008

Deck Under-skirting
Cell Phone photo by Backwash Bob

This is a sample of the under-skirting I am building for our deck. Using reclaimed mahogany from the paneling we saved from our renovation, I am building 2×4 foot framed screens. The paneling is planed down to 5/8 inch; I used a 3/4 dado stack on a radial arm saw to cut 5/16 deep dados across the planks; I rip the planks down to 3/4 inch wide pieces then glue them into a grid. We plan on staining and sealing the screens to match the decking. I will suspend the screens from the bottom-edge of the deck fascia board, leaving 2-3 inches of space around and between the frames. This will give the appearance of floating panels as well as prevent the screens from touching the ground. Although the properties of the mahogany make it a great outdoor wood, keeping it off of the ground will prolong it’s life.