Shaker-style Round Stands

November 10, 2008

Round Tables
Uploaded by Backwash Bob

These stands are replicas of those made by the Shakers in the first half of the 19th century when the Shaker sect was at its peak. They were used to furnish the retiring rooms of the Shaker’s communal dwellings, which often housed 100 or more people. These stands require about seven board feet of lumber each.

UPDATE: These tables were donated to a local group for an auction with the proceeds going to the cause. You never know how a group will respond to pieces like these. One group would love them. Others may not be that crazy about the Shaker Style. These tables went for $50/ea. That was quite a steal but in the end, the organization benefited.

UPDATE: I received an email from the Thos. Moser company the other day. Apparently, TM builds and sells the same style of stands – BUT – for a bit more than $50. Check it out.