Vendor Rant…

January 16, 2011

Okay. I am just one person but I have decided not to give anymore of my hard-earned money to the local Woodcraft retail store (#543).

They still carry good stuff. Their hours are still reasonable and they still send me a birthday card, good for a 10% discount during my birth month.


The owner of the store has decided to dictate what credit card I must carry in order to purchase on credit from their establishment. That’s right. Even though the mothership in WV delights to get your online order with whatever means you can scrape together, the local store has decided to not accept the AMEX (American Express) card.

I understand that the AMEX card requires the retail store to pay a bit more to take the card. So what? A “C” student coming out of business school knows that you pass the costs of doing business on to the customer!

Like the local Woodcraft is competing with Home Depot, Lowes, or Harbor Freight in low pricing! Folks DON’T shop at Woodcraft because it’s inexpensive. They shop there because they can get what they want. You want JET or RIKON or FESTOOL? Locally, there’s only one place to shop: Woodcraft.

No more.

IF (read: BIG IF) I order anything else from Woodcraft, it will be online. I would rather see my hard-earned dollars leave the state than to reward poor critical thinking.

It’s like a tip at restaurant – if the waitress is good to great, you reward them. If they’re not, you don’t tip and hope that it sends the message that this isn’t where their future lies.


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